Geo Picture Map

The app is available on google play™. Link: Geo Picture Map.

Android app on Google Play


This page will give an overview over the primary functions of the Geo Picture Map. With the help of some screenshots, I will demonstrate how to search for pictures depending on the capture date and how they can be displayed on a map from google. The first screenshot shows the user interface after starting the app. On the first launch of the app, a small tutorial will be shown. This tutorial can be seen later on by clicking on the question mark button on the top of the screen. On the bottom of the screen, there are three buttons. The left one opens a dialogue to search for pictures by capture date like it is shown in the second screenshot. The middle button shows the map with the photos. It is only enabled if at least one picture was selected before. The right button allows a direct import of pictures from the gallery of the device.

Start screen of geo picture map app.Start screen of the app.
Search for pictures on the device.Search for pictures on the device.
List of items found on device by geo picture map.List of items found on device.

The second screenshot shows the dialogue to select images by capture date. The user hat the choice between searching all pictures from the last seven days, six months, one year or by choosing a user-defined timespan. By click on ok the user comes back to the start screen with the imported pictures. All pictures can be displayed on fullscreen by clicking on the images. Further, on the right of the photos, the GPS data of the pictures are shown. Pressing the button in the middle leads to the map with all pictures on it.

Pictures found displyed on the map.Pictures found displyed on the map.
Settings for the map.Settings for the map.

The left screenshot shows the resulting map with the markers for the pictures. The user can move on the map and zoom in and out. By clicking on a marker, the corresponding picture will be shown on the top of the screen. Further, the marker shows the capture date. The option Button on the top-right of the screen shows a few options. The type of the map can be changed, and a chronological view can be set on or off.

Updated on 19.10.2017 (Stephan Hüwe)

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