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Distance of marker
The min. distance between two marker displayed on the map can be changed.
File filter
The pictures on the device can be (de-)selected by folder.
Update to version 4.6
The update brings many changes for the UI. All Buttons were replaced by FontIcons.
Update to version 4.5.3
The update fixes an issue with the import function of single pictures.
Update to version 4.5.2
The update fixes a few smaller issues.
Update to version 4.5.0
The update improves the performance by displaying multiple pictures under a marker by using the MapMarkerHandler-library.

Geo Picture Map

The app is available on google play™. Link: Geo Picture Map.

Android app on Google Play

The Geo Picture Map app uses the OpenSource MapMarkerHandler-library.


The Geo Picture Map App allows you to see pictures you have taken, on your last trip or in a particular time span, on a map from google play. You can filter the images regarding their capture date, or you can pick single pictures directly from local storage. If the pictures were stored with geo-information (GPS coordinates) from the camera, the app shows you the places where there were taken on a map. Further, you can add or edit a GPS-position to your picture by choosing a place on google maps or directly by entering the name of the location. If you change GPS position with the Geo picture app, the app stores a backup of the GPS data locally on your device. So, you can restore your initially GPS data if you want. An additional widely used feature of the Geo Picture Map App is the possibility to copy the EXIF data holding the GPS coordinates from one picture to others. The Picture Map App stores the GPS data within the EXIF tag of the pictures which can be read from other programs or apps, too.

If you want to present your last trip to friends, you can use the chronological presentation of your pictures on the map.

Geo Picture Map needs following permissions:
internet/network: for loading the map and advertising read and write on SD-card: read and write pictures


Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Updated on 19.10.2017 (Stephan Hüwe)

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